Welcome to St. Columba Church. 

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Worship With Us!

While we are currently pausing in-church worship, we hope you will join with us online each Sunday for regular service. We also encourage you to check in throughout the week as we update the site frequently.

Meet St. Columba Episcopal Church

Meet the staff and clergy, read about our history, and find out about ministries and other activities.

Contact and Directions

St. Columba Episcopal Church is located at 1800 W Irving Rd Hanover Park, IL 60133. 

Worship With Us

The Church of St. Columba is home to a small but diverse group of people from numerous area communities. We welcome all people to our warm, lovely church, and strive to integrate all visitors into our parish family. We also strive for and welcome growth, as we seek to draw from our surrounding communities to help all people grow in faith and love.

Our Values

The mission of the Church of St. Columba of Iona is to provide a strong foundation from which the members of the parish can continue to grow in Christ’s ministry, through worship, teaching, healing and service to our area communities, in the spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Announcements for this week

Announcements for this week

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This Just In

This Just In

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